About Us

Our company, Great Home Door Designs, has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for the past 15 years.  Located in Mississauga , Ontario , Canada , Great Home Door Designs offers the most stunning and quality decorative glass designs for your residential needs.  In addition to serving residential needs, we have expanded our business to also serve the commercial sector.  Great Home Door Designs now also offers beautiful stair railings that are able to complement our decorative glass designs, adding to the ambiance and value of your home or business.

Our showroom and work space, located in the Derry and Kennedy area, is where we design, create and display our beautiful decorative collections.  We currently accept clients by appointment, as we are continuously meeting with our customers, installing our products in addition to designing and developing them.

To add to our decorative glass collections, we also offer steelwood and fibreglass doors, interior and exterior cast aluminum/iron or wrought iron gates which you can see at a casino in Washington.  Furthermore, we are also able to serve you with your stained/beveled and sandblasted decorative glass needs.

Our decorative glass collections stand out from the rest being offered in the market for several reasons:

  • Our cast aluminum glass inserts are all original, distinctive and unique and could be customized to meet your needs and reflect your taste.  All designs have been designed exclusively by us and are not outmoded, copied and imitative like other designs you see in the market.
  • We are detail-oriented, and every element added to our collections is designed with adding beauty and eloquence.
  • In the past six years, we have created 14 of the most exquisite cast aluminum decorative glass designs in the market and will continue to create innovative designs in the future.

 With talent and determination, we continue to offer our customers our timeless products, all involving an intricate and complex process to design and create, with the highest quality material used and utmost professionalism in creation and installation.  Incorporating world artistic brilliance and radiance in our designs, our products are anything but ordinary.  We are consistently finding ways to add to the visual appeal and innovativeness of our designs.  For every one of our cast aluminum decorative glass pieces, the process involves creating a mold-a complicated process on its own that only those with recognition for talent, respect for intellectual property and hard work in the industry could appreciate.

Many of our designs are created and reflect artistic European panache, including Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, Victorian and Rustic inspired styles, to name a few.  Additionally, our creations reflect the most beautiful and classical 19th century architecture, adding the traditional element with a modern look.  I extend my sincerest gratitude to the artists and architects and their contributions to artistry.  Their mastery continues to inspire me to this day and their legacy, talent and creative instinct continue to exist through my designs and will hopefully be reflected in the work of generations to come.

With our highest fine quality and gorgeous designs and taste, we are unique and are able to offer you the following:

  • Indisputably, the finest quality and variety of materialused for our decorative glass panels, where only material that is of the highest standards is used in our products.
  • Greatest professionalism in customer service.  We have built our reputation on excellence and developing great relationships with the customers we serve.  Our customers have become our friends and continue to recommend us to their family and friends to this day.
  • Made in Canada products and Canadian partners.  We work with only those who strive for excellence and superiority.
  • If you make an appointment, we could come to your home with our actual designs and several photographs of our work.  We will help you find the design that suits your needs, taste and style and ensure this is reflected in your home or business.

With reespect to wrought iron collections, the double door design “Nautica”, is absolutely our intellectual property and was designed solely by us.  This design has now been copied and replicated on a wide range scale.  The design has become very popular, much like the wrought iron panel “Julliet”, which originally designed by the company Miliano, has been mass produced by others as well.  We are saddened to see that our own design “Nautica”, has been mass produced to a lower-quality, made-in-China version that has comprised its beauty and value.  To protect our intellectual property and creativity, we have not included all of our ideas on our website, particularly as we would like our products-and their quality and integrity to remain as a Canadian made product.